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Henshaw Blades maintains a fully-equipped workshop in a luxurious Muskoka setting on the water. We offer a variety of classes to help you along your knifemaking journey, from day courses for the beginner to long weekend retreats for the serious bladesmith. No matter your skill level, let us take you further into knifemaking.


Fleming College

This course involves the use of hot forges and metal. You must be prepared to work safely among others in a hot environment. Competency in the use of hand files, hammers, pliers and other grip tools, and basic power tools such as drills and angle grinders is required.

Create a hand-forged, hand-finished knife using simple tools. Instruction will cover forging, heat-treating and finishing, as well as assembling a handle using a variety of natural materials.



Expert Service

Private instruction starts at $800 per person, per day. Pick the blade you want to make and you’ll have my full attention for as long as you need. No prerequisite required.

Workshop rental: $100/day. Any alumni of a Henshaw Blades course is warmly invited to come work in the shop on their own projects. I’ll be available for questions and moral support, but this is intended to facilitate your self-directed learning and project progression on the equipment that you’ve learned on.

Custom knifemaking by Craig: If I’m building a knife for you, I invite you to be a special part of the forging process. The heart of a workshop is the forge and the heart of the forge is the maker. I invite you, schedules permitting, to come to the shop and lay the first hammer blows into the steel, to lay your heart into the soul of the knife. Also, at the last stage of forging, I will stamp your initials along side mine, into the blade. If time permits, I invite you to come be a part of that as well.

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